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Counsellor or Friend/Family?

There are often posts saying that all you need is a coffee and a friend, and I don’t disagree but there are times in your life when a counsellor is the better option rather than a friend or family member.

What is the difference?

Well they both might listen but there are some major differences, including:-

* A counsellor will give you a safe space to talk without a personal agenda, or being coloured by their emotional attachment to you.

* They will hold what you tell them without judgement or prejudice.

* They won’t tell you what to do.

* They will help you to reach your own conclusions and even if you change your mind several times throughout your journey, they will help you reach a place you are happy with.

* The won’t pass on anything you have told them or gossip about you.

* The will help you understand your feelings and allow you to feel them without trying to simply ‘make you feel better’.

* They are trained to offer insights, guidance and help you understand yourself and your behaviour.

* They can help you take back control of your own life, even if what is happening is not really your choice.

* When you stop seeing them, you can leave your past with them without any reminder of what you have gone through or without worrying that what you have told them will change how they see you.

True, a friend is probably free to speak to, but free isn't always the best option.

Don’t get me wrong, friends and family can be fantastic but whether they mean to or not, they have an agenda. This isn't a bad thing, they might simply just want you to feel better, but sometimes you need to sit with how you feel and not be pulled out of it. The way to grow is to feel what you feel, accept it and then move on.

Karen Ferguson



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