• Karen Ferguson

How To Get Help Without Leaving Home...

Attending counselling or any therapy session can sometimes be a difficult thing to fit into your day. Childcare issues, not being able to drive, health difficulties, or even simply not wanting to go out in the cold can all put people off from seeking the help they might want.

Sometimes we are just more comfortable in our own home and feel safer being there when we talk about things that are personal to us, or things that we are struggling with.

Luckily, these days you really don't have to leave your house in order to seek the help you want, you can work with your therapist remotely.

There are various ways you can work, Skype, Facebook Messenger, FaceTime etc. all of which are useful but not particularly secure ways of working. However, with services such as Zoom, this is a very secure way of working and ensuring that your private conversations remain private.

With Zoom you can talk by audio only, or video conference all from the safety of your own home or office.

So if you would like help, then why not get in touch and work with me via Zoom.





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