Be Gemini Products

REMEDY - body & mind

Support the overall wellness of your mind and body with the natural benefits of hemp oil.

*   Support the health of body and mind

*   Over 20 times more bioavailability than any other hemp oil

*   Sourced from organically grown industrial hemp

*   Available in 1250, 2500 and 5000 strengths

3ml sample bottles of the 2500 strength oil are available to buy for £30.

Hemp based products

REMEDY - pet

Support the overall wellness of your pets with the natural benefits of hemp oil.

*   Relieves stress & anxiety

*   Supports healthy skin and coat

*   Anti-inflammatory

*   Reduces risk of joint pain

*   Appetite stimulate


VITA Wake - focus & drive

All-natural TOTAL BODY approach to fuel your day.

*   Promotes memory, focus, brain power and more

*   Eases joint pain, while enhancing mobility and flexibility

*   Healthier alternative to harmful energy drinks

*   Support optimal immune system function

VITA Zzz - deep sleep

Hit your pillow hard and wake up refreshed.  

*   Supports your body's natural rhythm for a more restorative sleep

*   Helps to combat effects of mental and physical fatigue

*   Encourages rapid eye movement (REM) sleep wit Vitamin B6

*   Replenish the serotonin we naturally lose with 5-HTP

REVV - energy

Give your body what it needs to turn fuel into energy 

*   Longer sustained physical energy & mental alertness

*   Helps increase strength, endurance & power

*   Supports lean muscle production & performance

*   More efficiently converts fuel into energy without fatigue

PRIME - daily detox

A whole body approach.

*   Helps reduce stress & improve mood

*   Boosts cognitive functions

*   Increases energy & vitality

*   Supports healthy liver functions


Boost your mood & mental clarity.  

*   Enhance overall mood and happiness

*   Boosts mental focus and alertness

*   Reduce the effects of anxiety and depression

*   Supports healthy sleep patterns

BASSE - collagen

Give your body some love from inside out. 

*   Supports healthy joints, tendons and cartilage

*   Improves heath of skin, hair and nails

*   Protects heart heath and liver

*   Helps reduce build up of urea (that contributes to soreness after workout)

For a no pressure chat, to order a sample bottle or full bottle of oil,

a 4 day sample pack or a full 30 day pack of supplements, please get in touch.

You can order directly from me, or via visit my online store -

Our Promise

We create products that rely on safe and natural ingredients to

effectively address your daily health and improve your quality of life.

NATURAL               SAFE               BIOAVAILABLE               NON GMO

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