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Remedy CBD Oil

I don’t know what to say apart from WOW. The one hundred and ninety nine things that are normally rushing through my mind 12 hours a day are not there at present I noticed it yesterday when I was driving. I even looked at the trees the birds normally I don’t know how I got to my destination!!

I explained it to my 15 year old (who is also taking it) this morning and he said yes I’ve not worried as much. He even completed some maths homework that he was set...(and) he didn’t seem to fazed. He’s eating much better he said he don’t feel sick.

Thanks E & S x

All the 'monkey chatter' has gone, I have had no PTSD symptoms since I started taking it, I sleep better, have more energy and feel really calm.  Totally in love with this product.  K - Cambs

Actually I am pretty surprised, my monkey brain is quieter when I meditate.  SC.

It keeps me calmer.  D - Cambs

I have more energy in the mornings and can tell when I haven't taken it.  DS.

I've realised something this morning. I've been on my oil for 2 weeks now and I've drunk less alcohol.

I didn't drink everyday anyway, but twice this week I've though about having a glass of wine and simply didn’t. I think it's because I've felt so much better, so much more relaxed, that I haven't felt I needed a drink to chill or relax.

Not a side effect I was expecting but I'm happy about it.  Anon - UK

I started the oil nearly 2 weeks ago. I thought it had helped, but wasn't really certain it was for me, so I stopped. I quickly noticed that I was back to a 100+ things running round in my mind and was very easily distracted again, I realised just how much the oil had helped.  I am now back on it, plan to stay on it and have set up autoship so that it arrives regularly.  E - UK 

I have previously taken another oil but didn’t get on with it as it had black stuff in it (I’m not sure that’s right!) I then tried some gummies that I got from a local vape shop and although they were okay they were not doing what I thought they would (if that makes sense!). 


I contacted Karen Ferguson when I saw she had started selling the oil and we had a great conversation ... I wanted to use the oil for two aspects. First to help with my joint pain (arthritis) for which I have taken codeine for over ten years and I wanted to try and come away from it and secondly, since this whole COVID situation and other things going on in my life, my anxiety has slowly but surely got more and more out of my control. I have been using the oil for just over a week now and I can honestly say I feel a real difference. My sleep, although still a little broken, is much more rested. I am still waking a couple of times a night but I feel like I have woken from such a deep sleep, it’s wonderful and I am finding ( hopefully not jinxing it) that I have started to wake less. Keeping my fingers crossed. For the joint pain, I have noticed I am not constantly thinking about when my next dose of codeine is due and today I took my morning dose and have not had any since. I normally take it fours times a day religiously. For me this is real progress and I am positive I can continue to move forward with reducing the medication. I would absolutely recommend this oil. Tracy Lee - Cambs

So I’ve been using the oil for about a week now, and at first I didn’t see any difference, but then slowly I notice that my sleep pattern and quality of sleep is improving; I noticed that I’m being more focused on tasks through the day, which ultimately makes me more productive; I am more positive, even coming out of isolation straight into lockdown I can see positives.

It does make a difference not in a Big Bang way, you just notice that suddenly you are a little clearer, mind isn’t so busy and you’re more motivated.

So yes, I’ll be having some more of this magic potion please Karen.  D Terry - Northants


Basse - Collagen


Take it for a month... see if you don’t see a difference in your skin within 3’s done wonders for me!!  Karen - Texas

I love this stuff and know from experience that it works wonders.....just ordered mine.  Toby - UK

Aura - Mood & Mind


I have to say, I didn’t feel anything taking this until I stopped for a week. Stress crept back in and my ability to handle it diminished. It’s in my daily routine now for good!! KWW

Prime - Daily Detox

My liver thanks me. I had liver issues before I started using Prime. Now it’s a healthy, happy liver!  K - USA

Revv - Energy

Revv and Basse helped me to recover from Chronic Fatigue.  TW - London

Feeling so good, was up at 6am, loads of energy, feeling positive and even lost weight (taking Revv and oil).   HS - Cambs

I've eaten less again today (had a wrap for my lunch) just not hungry and by having the supplement they satisfy me.  Normally I could eat all day long.  Another weight loss this morning.  Won't want to be out of Revv!!  - Hayley

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